How To Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Without Their Phone?

In the present times of social media and WhatsApp chats have offered great convenience to keep in touch with people from around the world. But it has also given rise to some concerns as well regarding the security and safety of people that you love.

For example, parents might have a concern if they are wondering why their child has been spending way too much time with chats. In case you own a business, there can be a doubt if the employee of the company has been the one that is leaking secrets.

All of these scenarios can be solved in case you can look at the WhatsApp messages that people have, and the stress would just disappear.

Here we discuss with you how to hack WhatsApp messages without their phone so that you don’t have to be worried about a thing.

How to check other’s WhatsApp messages?


If you have been searching for the latest monitoring apps, then your search ends at NEXSPY. It is presently the most trustworthy and simple to use application. The reason being the app gets so much of the support from people around the world and one can go through the amazing reviews that people say about when they use NEXSPY.

The app offers you the chance for having a look at all of the conversations that are being done on WhatsApp at any point in time. One of the most unique features is that while the conversation is happening live, you can observe it in real-time.

Not just this, the complete details regarding the contact information of the sender as well as the recipient is also seen as well. You could also take a look at any kind of media that had been shared over a certain chat of WhatsApp also.

With the use of NEXSPY, you can even hack WhatsApp messages without installing on the target phone. As the software is reasonably priced and one can give it a try for free before making the purchase the reliability on NEXSPY gets better. You also get great discounts when you go for the yearly plans.

How to check other’s WhatsApp messages on android using NEXSPY

  • Step 1: Sign up as a new user with NEXSPY.
  • Step 2: Download and activate the NEXSPY app on the target phone.
  • Step 3: Login to your account dashboard, you will able to select the social media option. Then click on WhatsApp. That’s it, you will be able to have a look at all of the text messages and conversations that are being done on that WhatsApp account.
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NEXSPY gives the customer the opportunity for tracking the messages on Android phones. You just have to get access to the phone and install the application on it.

Just make sure that you are hiding the software icon on the phones so that there are no suspicions regarding anything.
And if you have a doubt that the target Android phone would require rooting, don’t be as there are no such requirements for the app to work.

Spyzie helps to spy WhatsApp messages without installing on the target phone


Spyzie is another very affordable and trustable application for cell phone monitoring that is currently available in the market. This can assist with tracking the WhatsApp activities without the requirement of the target phone handling.

Additionally, all of the send and messages that have been received can be seen. With the facility, one can even view deleted messages with ease. Further complete information and contact details with any kind of media that was shared over the chat can also be seen.

The best part is that Spyzie will allow the reader with all the data without a requirement of actual handset need. If you are able to get information about the iCloud credentials, there will be no issues with gaining access through the software.

How to spy on whatsapp messages without target phone?


Here we have simple steps that you can follow to hack WhatsApp messages from the target phones that you want:

  • 1. Purchase Spyzie

There are a variety of different packages that you can select from as per the services that you need and the budget that you have.

Although the tracking feature for WhatsApp can be availed from the basic package, it might not be enough. It is recommended that you choose a higher package if you want to track more than one account at a time.

Then you will be receiving a confirmation message on your email address with a specific link your account control panel.

  • 2. Setup the app

You will have to enter the iCloud credentials in the control panel of the phone that you want to read the messages of.

  • 3. View data from your account

After you get the target phone access through the dashboard, you just have to tap on the WhatsApp option and start with monitoring the messages.

In case you are looking forward to spying on a specific phone that runs on Android, you will still be able to use the app.

But for this, you will have to get physical access of the target phone first, and then install this app on it. Then hide the app so that all of this is done in a secretive manner.

One of the points that you will need to remember here is that there is a need for rooting the target Android device if you want to read someones whatsapp messages without their phone.


There are so many advantages to using both of these apps. Our recommendation remains NEXSPY as its one of the most powerful, functional and efficient app that has numerous benefits and ease of usability.

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Hopefully this complete guide on “How to read someone’s WhatsApp messages without their phone?” must have been beneficial for you, in case you still have any doubts, make sure to comment below.

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