NEXSPY vs Spyzie: Cell Phone Spy Apps Comparison

With the ever-evolving technology and emergence of new and new software, smartphones are now smarter, safer and more powerful. With that, we see another thing increasing at a faster rate - cyberbullying. In this competitive scenario, monitoring has become a must thing to do.

Every child, even 6-year-olds use a smartphone nowadays. While parents cannot restrict children from using a smartphone, they can surely have control over it. This is made possible with spy apps that let you observe your children’s online and offline activities on a smartphone.

Apart from that, spy apps are of great help when you need to keep a check on your partner, employees or friends, for some reason. Here are the top 2 cell phone spy apps of 2019.


NEXSPY has come forward as a perfect parental control and employee monitoring solution. It is a reliable and powerful software that helps you keep an eye over everything, from calls and text messages to social media activities and IM chat apps.

It provides exceptional monitoring features, great compatibility and affordable prices, the app is also very easy to use. With a simple 3-step setup, you can start monitoring and stop worrying.

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Spyzie is another highly rated app that gets it into the list of best spy apps out there. Since 2007, Spyzie has been actively working as a social media monitoring app due to its excellent and updated monitoring capabilities.

Everything from internet use to call logs and gallery is completely in your reach, no matter where you are.

With its easy online account setup process and great compatibility, you can monitor the target device in no time.

NEXSPY vs Spyzie: Which one is better?

spyapp compare

Both NEXSPY and Spyzie are great apps. They can be used for your children’s safety as well as to ensure that your employees are loyal to the organization and that there’s no risk of data leaking. If you can’t decide which one to choose, the following comparison will help you with that:


NEXSPY is compatible with all the Android (4.0.3 – 9) and iOS devices (all versions up to iOS 12.4) as well as Windows (7, 8, 8.1 and 10) and macOS computers.

Spyzie is compatible with all the iOS and Android devices including Sony, HTC, Samsung, LG, and Motorola.

So, when it comes to compatibility, you can choose any one of the two as both have great compatibility with smartphones and PCs or any other portable device with an app store.

Setup process

NEXSPY comes with a 3-step setup process:

  • Purchase a NEXSPY license
  • Install and activate the app
  • Monitor the data and activities of your target device

Similarly, Spyzie also comes with an easy setup:

  • Register to a Spyzie account
  • Connect your device with the target device
  • Start monitoring

Do I need to install software on target device?

The NEXSPY software needs to be installed on your target device. So NEXSPY is a good option when you have easy access to your target device i.e. if you want to use it for your kids.

Spyzie does not require installing the software on a target device if it is an iPhone. However, you must have access to the target’s iCloud ID and password which might be a bit trickier. For Android, you have to install it on the target device.

Monitoring features

NEXSPY allows you to monitor call logs, FaceTime, messages, social media, GPS location, app usage, photos and videos, web activity, keylogger, and many more. In short, you can view and track everything that can be tracked in a device.

feature nex

Spyzie also comes with great monitoring features such as text messages, internet usage, notes, calendar, call history, removed data and a lot more.

spyzie feature

Comparing these features, both NEXSPY and Spyzie give good access to the target device and you can view all the activities taking place.


Both NEXSPY and Spyzie offer monthly, quarterly and yearly plans.


  • $39 a month
  • $87 for every 3 months
  • $228 a year


  • $29.99 a month
  • $39.99 for every 3 months
  • $89.99 a year

Spyzie offers monitoring up to 20 devices, but for Android devices only. If we compare prices, both come at affordable rate but in terms of discounts over subscriptions, NEXSPY is more cost-effective.

Customer support

Both NEXSPY and Spyzie claim excellent customer support but looking over testimonials and reviews, Spyzie has disappointed its customers on several occasions. On the other hand, NEXSPY comes with good and supportive customer care.

Access to monitored data

With both NEXSPY and Spyzie, you can easily have access to monitored data from everywhere no matter where the targeted device is. It keeps you in track of the activities even if you are at great distance say on a business trip while your children are at home.

Free trial

NEXSPY also offers a 3-day trial at as low as $0.99. This way, you can get to know if there are desired features in the software.

Final verdict

Spyzie and NEXSPY are best hidden spy apps of 2019. While Spyzie does not need to be installed on the target iOS device, NEXSPY requires so. But NEXSPY itself allows to hide the icon so there is no risk of getting caught by the targeted device.

Overall, NEXSPY comes with better subscription plans, better customer service and more advanced monitoring features, providing an ultimate solution for parental control and employee check.

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