7 Easy Ways To Hack Android Phone Using Another Android Phone

Within the last decade, Android has emerged as the most widely used smartphone operating system, and there’s none can come even close to it. The second most used mobile OS is the Apple’s iOS which has to go a very long way before it can compete with Android in terms of the number of the device, which seems to be very unlikely in the near future.

Due to this huge number of Android devices all over the world, the attention of the global community of hackers seems to be shifting from PC to Android gradually. Unsurprisingly, there has been a sharp rise in the hacking tools for Android lately, and they are available for both rooted and non-rooted Android devices.

Here in this article, we have compiled a list of Android hacking apps which you can use from your Android phone, to hack another phone, easily.

All the tools or apps mentioned here are carefully selected to be the top Android hacking tools based on our hands-on experience and expert’s review. These apps could be helpful for you if you are a tech geek, a cybersecurity professional, an IT researcher or an ethical hacker.

Disclaimer: Please note that this article, and all the apps mentioned here, must be used for only educational and testing purposes. Doing any illegal and malicious activity by using any information or knowledge from this article is strictly not recommended, and you must understand that there could be legal consequences if you cause any harm to anybody, physically, mentally, and financially. And needless to say, in such cases, every responsibility of your actions would lie on you solely, we are not liable whatsoever. If you don’t agree with these terms, please close this page, you’ve been warned.



This is a very popular Android hacking tool among enthusiasts and serious hackers as well. With this app, you can hack android phone remotely and extract the necessary information from it.

It has stealth features and runs as service in the background, so it remains hidden from the amateur eyes, and it also doesn’t require any kind of user interaction to run.

You have to first install it on the target device, set us, and that’s it. You can now take control of this device remotely, provided it’s connected to the internet.

Almost every crucial information can be sniffed from the target device, like call history, SMS log, GPS position, etc. using this app. You can execute several commands on the device remotely too, such as doing a call or sending an SMS or opening camera app to take a picture.



This is an advanced app with multiple functionalities, and famously known as hacker’s toolkit. It comes with many useful features, like Reconnaissance, Google Dorks, Google Hacking, Whois, Ping, Scanning, Traceroute, IP, DNS lookup, MX record, etc.

For penetration testers and ethical hackers, this app is like a gold mine. Though it is still in beta, and the final version is yet to be released, we haven’t found any major bug in our brief testing.



cSploit boasts itself as the complete Android security toolbox, and we can’t agree more. It is particularly effective in finding vulnerabilities, cracking Wi-Fi network passwords, creating backdoor on Android devices – in short, it checks every parameter to hack someone’s phone.



It’s another popular hacking solution toolset for Android, which is developed by Zimperium. Zimperium develops several other security-related apps, but zANTI is its most widely-known tool.

For network scanning, simulating a hacking environment, etc. are the main features of this app. It has multiple functional modules, such as DoS, MITM, and packet manipulation.



FaceNiff is specifically used for Wi-Fi hacking, and monitoring traffic and collecting sensitive information from the devices connected in the same Wi-Fi network.

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You can sneak into social media account details (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.) of the victim with this tool. This app is the #1 preferred tool for anybody wants to monitor or log other people’s social site activities.

Shark for Root


This works almost similarly like FacesNiff with some other crucial functionalities. Along with Wi-Fi monitoring, it monitors 3G too.


Droidsheep can help you learn how to hack a phone, allows you to hijack the web sessions over the same Wi-Fi network. It works disguising itself as a router once started, and monitors Wi-Fi traffic to capture active profile sessions. Just like FaceNiff, you can obtain all the username and password of mostly all the prime social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more.



This powerful app can reverse engineer an Android app, and you can also fetch the source code of the same.

All the above-mentioned apps can be beneficial for people who know what they are doing. Please note, that this article is not a hacking tutorial, and having a hacking app installed on your phone doesn’t automatically make you a hacker, you got to have skills to be one. So, do not install any of these apps on your Android, unless you know how to use them properly.

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