How to hack someone’s messages on an Android phone?

At present, you can easily keep track or hack anyone, where you want not there physically. In fact, this is the most common fear that how you can get hacked by someone, specifically if someone cheats or hack your text messages from another phone.

Nowadays, many people have some form of secrets and those secrets are hidden so he/ she would not want to share with anyone. With the advancement of technology growth, of course, hacking someone text messages can be possible that anyone can easily perform this hacking work via the excellent hacking application.

Now, it is as easy as using a smartphone and each individual has smartphone that depends on Android, iOS or windows and they all can run many applications on the phone at a time. Usually, spying allows you to peek into a day to day life of a person and also on those facts that they might be covering.

To spy, you want to go with the long coding process and you can simply take the support of software to download it. In order to record the complete activities of the target’s phone, you must need a stable internet connection. The spying software is specially designed to do all kinds of hacking work.

Steps to hack the cell phone text messages on Android phone

In the world of secrets, parents must be aware of their child’s activity, boos should be aware of their employ’s activity and also spouse should be aware of their partner. For this reason, they want to obtain the suitable tools that they can easily hack the cell phone text messages more simply. Below are the steps to be followed for hack cell phone text messages by using a NEXSPY app that includes:

Initially, you have to visit the website to download and use a reliable spying app

Next, discover the installation file in a system of target phone that you are going to track reports and then run the installation file

Then, install the software on your device too

Now, you have to sign up your personal account on the internet. You can perform it utilizing on any device with the online connection. Also, log into your personal internet panel by using your specific email and password

Adjust the customer settings, if required

Finally, you can begin monitoring the entire data on a target device

However, you can use this kind of spying app for tracking the activities of your employees, children and significant others. Hacking someone’s text messages and call details are a quite simple technique.

In addition, you can also able to hack the chats, messages; social media accounts and also discover the GPS position of a victim with the great use of phone spying software. If the premium services of spying app are not affordable, you can prefer to use the free phone spying app available on the internet that is completely free for the Android users.

How to hack an Android phone from a computer?

At present, the smartphones became fuel to us and without it, we can’t run our lives. All are using android phones because it comes with a reasonable and low price too. There are lots of reasons for using an Android phone because easy to use, user-friendly, normal price, many apps installation and easily customizable.

This android phone is designed by Google, as all can use freely. The worst thing in this android phone is bugs, many hacking methods are available for hacking any android phone. Now let’s see how to hack android phone by using a computer. There are two methods for hacking android phones they are

  • Hacking android phones with a computer using Cocospy.
  • Hacking android phones with a computer using Hoverwatch.

Hacking others phone is not always a bad thing and it can be used for some useful and good things. If you lost your mobile phone in such cases you can hack your mobile to get it back. If you need any valuable information about some person for legal purposes you can hack your mobile. Let’s see some simple method for hack a cell phone at NEXSPY.

Hacking android phones using Cocospy

Cocospy is the simple and legal tool for the hacking process. Using Cocospy we can easily hack the mobile phone with a computer. It is the leader of all spy tracking software and tools. It is legal to use and trusted by millions of users across the world.

One of the best advantages of Cocospy is, it can hack others mobiles without rooting your target phone. For Android phones, you have to install the Cocospy app and voila. After that, you are completely set up to hack a mobile phone with computing Cocospy has more basic features and it is easy to use and simple process.

Even after installing Cocospy into your phone, it will remain completely discreet and stealthy. This app will run in the background but it will not affect the battery level.

Features of Cocospy:

Cocospy has many features to hack a mobile phone with the computer. Some of its best features are;

Geofencing – through this feature, you can set a boundary level to your target phone. When the chosen boundary level is exceeded, you will get a notification on your computer.

Keylogging – this will give you the log of the target user’s keystrokes. Through this, you can find your targeted phone user’s password easily.

Social media monitoring – as social media users have increased a lot, hacking is easy for all the hackers. The hackers willing to hack the social media to know all the details about any person. This app gives you access to hack all the apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, and much more apps.

How to hack the mobile phone with computer using Cocospy:

Step 1: Sign up for Cocospy

Step 2: Hack android without rooting. Hide Cocospy after installation

Step 3: Go to Cocospy dashboard and hack the targeted phone with computer


As hacking became more usual, there are plenty of methods available to hack mobile phones.