Top 4 Picks GPS Trackers Dedicated for Your Kids

It was quite a difficult choice for a parent to use GPS devices to track their kids within the modern digital world, although in fact there was really a huge variety of products that offers the same purpose.

Knowing the best options that you can have is an advantage, but how would you know that it was a good or a better choice? Well, that varies depending on different factors which include the cost, quality, compatibility, and many others. In order to help you in deciding upon the best options that you can find, here are some of the factors that you need to know.


Most of the tracking devices that you can see on our rundown will demand you to avail a periodical service plan. Service plans usually vary depending on the provider, some may be cheap, and some may be expensive, but these service plans provide a reasonable cost for consumers.

Another reason that you can consider related to the cost of the product is its own feature because there are GPS devices that serve as trackers only, while there are also GPS devices that have additional features like messaging. To be honest, these are essential things to know before anyone decides to buy a GPS tracker intended for their kids.


A good quality GPS device should be able to withstand a moderate fall that usually happens to handheld devices like mobile phones. You should also consider choosing a waterproof tracker because it was a huge advantage although it was not required at all.

Basically, this aspect refers to the overall durability of the tracker that you wish to avail. If you have a bit older children, you should also try to get a GPS device that will blend to their taste as children nowadays usually wanted to get their selves with the newest trends.


Many GPS devices must function with or without the presence of Bluetooth or Wireless Fidelity connections. You should always be aware of some trackers that you can find in the market because they only work if there is a Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth just like the BeLuvv tracker that was mainly intended in tracking infants.


A big part of our population carries a smartphone into their hands almost all of the time; and because of that, GPS trackers that can be used through Android and IOS Devices are a very good choice.
Best GPS Trackers Dedicated For Your Children- GPS tracking device for kids NEXPSY
We bring you this list of different GPS devices in the market that will surely aid you in tracking your kids around.

Weenect For Kids

Weenect is a French-based GPS service provider that provides good varieties of GPS devices. They do not just offer GPS devices dedicated to kids, but they also offer trackers for elderlies and even for your pets.

The Weenect that was dedicated for kids comes with a unique SOS button and communication features. They also provide another excellent feature that was made for bit older kids that notifies a parent whenever their kids already returned home. The features offered by this great GPS device do not just end there, it also enables parents to track their kids in real-time through their live map feature.

Recharging the battery of Weenect only takes around four hours of plugging it into any power source, while a fully charged battery can last up to one week when utilized regularly. You will be also able to get these trackers around a hundred and ten bucks with a dedicated service plan that was around four bucks.

Amber Alert

This tracking device has a lithium battery that can last up to forty hours when fully charged. Amber alert only measures seven centimetres and it was designed to easily slip inside your kid’s pocket. Despite its considerable small size, Amber Alert comes with a lot of exceptional features like real-time tracking.

You can also be able to adjust the device to notify you through a text message or email whenever your kids get closer to any registered areas that you wanted them to keep away. Knowing all the features that it can offer, the Amber Alert’s price cost over a hundred and twenty bucks with a service plan fee that starts at fifteen bucks every month.

Filip 2

If you wanted a tracker that suits modern trends in technology, the Filip 2 will provide you with a techy look with its watch-like appearance that works with GPS, GSM, and Wi-Fi connection. You will be able to put a maximum of five contact numbers that your children can dial in just a tap of a single button.

It also has a total emergency button that will notify a parent or guardian while it records any sound in the background. This tracker will also enable to let any parent set any safe zone for your children, whenever your children arrive at any of these safe zones, you will immediately be notified. The price goes around a hundred and fifty bucks with a ten-dollar monthly service fee.


The Tinitell GPS tracker was an exceptional project that was very successful through its initial release. This device was designed by its developers in Sweden. Its features make it a standout among other trackers in the market.

Tinitell boasts its water resistance feature that comes with a voice-recognition function. It also has a 2-way communication feature that will let a child talk to a maximum of twelve contacts. You will be able to get this for 149.99 dollars and can choose among multiple colours.