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The last few decades have marked a rapid development in the field of digital advancement. Further, the advent of the internet has made the life of humankind easier and comfortable in executing their tasks. These significant technological advancements have not spared even the young children of modern contemporary for children entertain themselves all day long with it. The relationship between parents and children does not appear promising as both parties do not comprehend each other with the use of gadgets and the internet. Usually, parents seem lost with what their children play or watch on different apps and websites. Nevertheless, that does not prove that parents are insensible and ignorant; in fact, they require the proper knowledge about various digital resources.

To ensure the best parental control software, we have listed five apps that parents can make use of it. These apps perform various essential functions from helping parents to comprehend the functioning of the games that children play to control the access of the internet. Further, we will shed some light on how to deal with young children who lack self-discipline.

If you are a parent who is always conscious about what type of games your children are playing or what they are learning from playing such games, then GameHub is simply for you. GameHub is a site designed to surf it easily by providing you with an overview of an extensive multiplicity of games. Each game comes with a plot summary, thereby, allowing you to scrutinize if the game events promote any kinds of violence, or drug abuse, among many others.


In comparison to other similar sites, the developers meticulously wrote the contents for GameHub so that parents can easily understand the nature of the games. It is of worth mentioning that all necessary details in GameHub are the masterpiece of a team who has a diverse knowledge about gaming. Besides, they also have an insight of the various concerns that parents undergo. As such, they manage to provide information in a way that is approachable to all parents.

2. WebCurfew: An App to Limit Internet Usage

WebCurfew is one of the best parental control online software. It works wonder for parents who are finding ways to limit the internet usage of the children. It is an app designed to control the access of the internet from different devices. As such, parents can make use of this app to decide who can access the internet or how long a device can access the internet on your network. In other words, WebCurfew will give you the authority to force a user device to go offline in case that device surf extensively.


However, WebCurfew functions differently according to the version you opt to use. With the free version of WebCurfew, you can control the filter content, and you can turn the internet access on and off according to your preference. There is another version of WebCurfew that requires a subscription of 6 dollars per month. This version of WebCurfew allows you to organize a timetable for internet access and provides you reports on the internet usage of your children.

3. VISR: An App to Monitor the Social Activity of your Children

These days children are very fond of using various social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, among many others. These actions can cause concern for the parents least their children become a victim of any unfavorable social activities. But as parents, you do not want to directly interfere with the social movements of your children for such action can question the privacy of your children.


It is where VISR can come to play for parents concerned about the safety of their children. VISR helps to monitor the social activities of your children but does not directly act upon when a problem arises. Instead, VISR warns you when it detects potential harm to happen. For instance, the app will notify you if it detects social misconducts like bullying, violence, or any other kinds of activities that could harm your children.

4. Flying with Kids: An App for a Difficult Process

Flying with kid

From baby uttering the first word to traveling on a plane, there is always a first time experience. Experiencing something for the first time can be stressing for anyone. Flying with kids is an app for parents who can be nervous about traveling on a plane with their children for the first time. This app provides you with tips on how to take care of your children while going on a flight. These tips include various strategies, along with some tools for your children to play.

5. Cringe MD: An App to Deal with Awkward Between Parents and Children

Cringe MD provides you with various movies to watch. The developers previously designed it for multi-purposes. Firstly, the developers designed it for children to use. Secondly, it was designed to determine whether children watching a particular movie with their parents can create a state of awkwardness. However, parents can use this app in the context of parents watching a movie with their children. Sex is a natural part of life, and there is no shame in it, although you should not encourage watching it. However, this app provides an experience between parents and children by watching a particular movie with a sex scene. This kind of experience will help to build a parent-children relationship, thereby dealing with awkwardness.

Cringe MD

These are the five apps that parents can make use for the benefit of their children and are by no means exhaustive. Besides, parents can recommend their children other apps like YouTube for kids, and use sites like tips for family safety on Facebook.

There are an infinite number of apps and sites that parents can make use for themselves and provide for their children. However, you should be careful in selecting and recommending apps and websites to ensure the best parental control software. Parents can make use of the above-listed apps for the safety of their children, thereby reducing their constant concern and wariness.

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