Mobile Apps To Help You Make Smarter Decisions At Conferences

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Jul 19th, 2015

It’s conference season all around. From ‘The Future of Storytelling’ conference in New York to PopTech in Maine, you’re bound to network with new attendees to develop new relationships.

So while you get the coolest booth for any of these events, you must also get your mobile apps ready to make your presence more effective in your networking endeavors. By facilitating interactions with target audience, mobile apps can help you deliver a better event experience.

Here are 3 apps that will help conference organizers/exhibitors make smarter decisions and supercharge their networking:


When operating at a conference you are bound to make contacts aplenty, after all that’s why you went! Among the hectic handshakes and exchange of business cards its quite easy to drop one, forget one, or actually follow through on a made connection. Brewster is an app made to not only store your contacts like an address book but also keeps that address book updated. Brewster’s functionality is rooted in its updates and its sort of “relationship manager” style set up. Brewster will first organize contacts by several categories such as co-workers, previous employees, potential business partners, etc. In addition to the categorization Brewster will also keep tabs on your contacts by connecting their Facebook and/or LinkedIn. These constant updates will allow you to keep tabs on your new contacts from the conference but also keep their information current to give you the edge when reaching out post-meeting.



DoubleDutch has a mobile event app that helps you make strategic decisions by utilizing real time data. As attendee engagement increases, the amount of data at the fingertips of the exhibitor multiplies. The data is then processed to create actionable, precise reports, allowing you to better serve your audience, partners, and even company employees who are in attendance. You’re able to follow a digital train of behaviors and interests as well as see what the audience really cares about.

With this app, it is even possible to create personalized agendas that allow attendees to sort out information by date and session track while giving them the ability to create and follow their own agendas. And if the keynote speaker missed his/her flight, you can update content ‘on-the-fly’ seamlessly so that attendees have the latest information and schedules. Printed material can be replaced with an app that stores all your event content – from session information to exhibitor details, speaker bios and more.

Super Planner

This is an app with a variety of planning tools such as calculators for catering, staging, projection, venue capacity and flooring. It enables you to make fast decisions whenever any of these things fell short of the requirements. For instance, you can calculate venue capacity for different seating configurations, and ensure there is ample space in the conference, banquet and exhibit. For food and beverage, you get a price converter that factors in for whether gratuity will be taxed or not.

You can even go in specific details such as linen sizes that’ll be required for each table. The audio visual feature offers a projection seating calculator for how much the 1st and last row of seats should be based on the size of the screen, or how much space is needed between the screen and the projector. Super Planner offers everything you need to save money while hosting a conference.

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