Futuristic uses for video technology

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Oct 4th, 2013

One things that’s certain about technology is that it will only continue to progress. With new products and services being developed every day, now is never a better time to embrace the future.

As far video conferencing goes, the ease and practicality of not needing to be in the same place at the same time has not been overlooked by businesses and private users alike. Here are three great video conferencing technologies that are paving the way for a bright future.

Life savers

In the medical profession, every day workers experience life or death situations. Sometimes, it’s not always possible to get the appropriate professional in the right place when he or she is needed. This is where telemedicine comes in.

In emergency situations, sometimes direction needs to come from somebody in another hospital. In the case of a Western Australian ten-year-old girl who was suffering a haemorrhage after a fall, video conferencing saved her life.

After running into complications, the doctors overseeing the surgery made the decision to contact a neurosurgeon 1,500 miles away for assistance. Sharon Lee, who was in Perth at the time, was able to direct the surgery to save the girl’s life.

It’s no surprise that the use of telemedicine is set to increase. It’s expected that it will be available to patients from the comfort of their own homes. This is perfect for those who are housebound, or do not have the facilities to travel to a doctor.

Trial and error

Bringing a convict into court for trail can be a highly expensive and dangerous operation. This is why many courtrooms employ video conferencing methods during the trails of criminals.

A courtroom often has an explosive atmosphere when all involved are physically present. Alongside the judge, defendant and lawyers, there’s the jury to take into consideration too. There are many cases in which witnesses are not able to reach the courtroom for a trail, and many areas where there are a shortage of lawyers.

With courtroom video conferencing, Anyone absent can be present simply by a video link. It’s much easier for those involved, and means court proceedings can commence whenever they need to.

ATM antics

In the not too distant future, ATM users can expect a bit of a mix-up when it comes to taking out cash.

Providing more than standard ATM services, the NCR SelfServ 32 ATM will give customers the option of talking to a bank teller for more transactions. Ideal for remote locations, this interactive ATM will allow bank customers to deal with their finances without actually having to go to a bank.

Aside from the practicality for customers, there’s also the bonus that it will reduce the carbon footprint of banks. With no travel involved and no need to set up more banking branches, it’s probably going to be on your high-street sooner than you think.

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